Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The company you keep

I fucking hate this asshole Mark Foley. Oh, okay, now your gay. You fucking pedophile smarmy fuck. i guess the one fucking day in rehab did not help his PR so now he's pulling a McGreevey and 'coming out.' These fucking assholes set every gay and lesbian back 900 years when they pull this shit. This pervy fuck who uses one hand to type on the computer now has the audacity to 'come out.' After Florida does not recognize any union besides Gloria Estefan and her gay fucking husband and a stste shaped like an uncircunsized penis and a state which will not allow anyone other than the Pulitzer's to adopt a child. God, I HATE FUCKING FLORIDA!!! I won't even fly over it. My girl Joyce lives there, and believe me, she is ready to roll. I fucking hate South Beach and all those plastic fags you see 42 times a day. I hate Papi.com with his faggy come ons, and I hate every alligator and or crocodile. Hurricane whatever, wipe this place off the map. Gone will be most of 'Cops' footage. Gone will be every sleazy teacher fucking her students. Gone will be most of "Girls Gone Wild'. GO.

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fergus said...

I couldn't agree more...Is alcoholism and/or priest-molestation the new scapegoats for getting outed? Further proves the complete hypocracy of the Republican party...

One minor note, if Florida vanishes, where will my Aunt Yetta and Uncle Moti spend the winter???

Keep on rockin'.