Sunday, December 10, 2006

Next...on Lifetime

10 friends struggle through every day life in "Soccer Moms". STARRING
Judith Light as the coma victim, Tracy Gold as the illegitimate daughter, Donna Mills as the MILF, Lisa Hartman Black as the horse whisperer, Merideth Baxter-Birney as the abused housewife,Jaclyn Smith as the jilted secretary, Nancy McKeon as the single mother to a bi racial child, Valerie Bertanelli as the alcoholic, Michelle Lee as the shoplifter& Alexandra Paul as the professional dominatrix...with Tori Spelling as Carl the handyman.


Bart said...

Does LHB sing the theme song?

mickeyitaliano said...

Hey Bart;
i think I owned her album. I was totally into 'Knots' at the time.
I actually think I would like a song sung by the 13th woman, Connie Sellica.