Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Fetus" sung by Celine Dion

Well you nasty papparazzo and such (hah)...We never made a baby. Maybe it's me and maybe it's her.
I'm like completely defensive here.
We really only did it 'sort of' correctly 2 X.
Joyce is a stupid luni-toon.
The fucking house is at 68 degrees- constant. I'm sure all my spunk got fucking frost bite.

Then, we did not know what we were doing.

I had a MAJOR fight with Miss Joyce at the end of this deal and she was so pissed. She was like, berating my sperm...Saying they were 'Drunk and Lazy'.

We did not talk for the last 3 months, mind you. (P.S. She never paid me for that last month)

We talk now. They are adopting some trpod from Russia.

I love you all, and I hope you all come home.

Much Love,

Fuck heads

Listen, ever since Ellen became famous, I dumped her (Not really...I just took a side step, but that dancing and smiling thing took me for a loop). So, she went to work while the writers strike was in progress. But, it's not like I do not feel for her. She was the first to do her show sans writers. Now, after all the belly-aching from these M&M munching frat geeks comes a new proposal that may see Letterman on the air very soon. Cool.
BTW: Nightline has gotten it's best figures yet.

can you get that spinach off your tooth

Do you know why I am so neglected. First offf, I do not give good headlines. I mean I could be like "Lindsey" X 6...I have no care for her.
What? To get more readers lambasting me?
Screw it.

My Love List

Jennifer Connelly
Holly Hunter
Laura Dern (I must be drunk)
This black chick who was on "The Shield" Season 3-(Trish-4 episodes, I think) I freaking love her
Kate Winslett (I just saw "Little Children")

This Is The Deal

From the calculations I have heard...There is a blog every 30 seconds. I can not keep up with that. I'm scared of failing. My 7 return customers, ya know.
I love you all. And if I can tell Bart... that he is as gorgeous as he writes. I've been in Fla. with no laptap for 4 months.
I love all you guys