Monday, August 30, 2010



Beautiful People

This is a positive guys. In a world of Negatives...This rates. It's a sho about this inda infamous New Yorker who dresses the "Barney's" windows.
This is one of the greatest TV shows ever. I have a link, but you can watch all12 episodes at LOGOtv. make me smile.


I only got to watch an hour or so because the other person I live with decided to have a shit fit, because this is one of the only thing I have watched on TV an this person has turned evil. Do you know what agita is? It is Italian for an upset stomach. Say your 35 plus and you ate a bowl of cavattelli with a pomodoro sauce and then you drank a big glass off milk. That is agita (1 fold). I am s hated in my family it is hysterical. I tried to watch one show and she chased me out with her squaking and hatred of herself, so,obviously, I am the scapegoat, and I stay up all night, intermittently crying.

Monday, August 23, 2010

These Days

This song is my life. I loved this guy since I was like 12, because of my older brother. I never asked Peter if the words were true to him.
I'm lonely tonight and I am thinking of Jax.

Don't confront me with my failures...I have not forgotten them


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mission Statement

I have to be one of the most fucked up guys alive. I,like hate work...avoid it at all costs,I wanna hit the lottery,but i still am not lazy. My feet are fucking killing me...i swear. I have callouses the size of Minneapolis. I'm kind of tired,or as my French Canadian lover used to put it...tie-red (yeah,it was cute but got tie-red real quick). I am like,black-listed. i swear to you,like 11 years ago,people would be like,"So can you grab a white shirt and start tonight?" And I was like, Ricochet Rabbit. My prospects in all fronts are dried up. I'm old,ugly,fat and retarded.

True Blood

Seriously rocked this week. Episode 309

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vladimir Putin is my father

Oh,man...don't you love this guy. The former president of Russia who now goes by something like supreme leader. As a short man myself,I never knew how much power i can wield. Given his predecessors, including the J.O. father, they all belong in the same fiery hell.

Did you know that during the fiery furnace that has been Russia these days, Putin flew over and extinguished 2 fires?

Have you ever seen this fidget with his shirt off? he thinks he is Danial Craig as Bond. Oh, man, how many delusional fucks get to the top of the heap, while we urchins toil away.

Monday, August 09, 2010

It comes in Waves

I totally understand this phrase, especially after living beside water for my whole life and working on a ship. But, say you are sitting at the shoreline, and just letting the incoming surf tickle your toes. You can bet your next clamato juice on the fact that another wave is coming in. It's life, you know and I really like things that are constant. What I hate or can't stand is dis-order. And my life is so freaking full of every contrasting emotion (or emoticon for you neer do wells). I live with Love/Hate, Pride/Self Doubt, Lust/Derission, Wonderment/Disallusionment every half hour.
I am not as fucked up as you may think. I think. I read real books. I admire wordsmiths and I also realize that I will never, ever find love. It comes in tsunami's. Litlle trickle happen and then the big one hits.


CHEF WANTED: Largest Foodservice company in New York seeks Chef to prepare meals on pretigious College Campus in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. Includes student cafe, retail outlet, and special events catering. Chef must be passionate about preparring healthy, fresh menu items in a fast paced, professional environment. Serious applicants only! Full Time 40hours per week. Background checks and drug testing for all applicants mandatory. Must have culinary degree and at least 5 years industry experience. BENEFITS: Health, Dental, Vision, 401K, Sick, Vacation, Personal.
Compensation: Hourly Rate = $9.95 - $11.70 per hour

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The TakeAway

I absolutely hate this NPR show. I hate the stupid freaking name, I can not stand Hockenbury and the 19 chicks (all black) that have been 86'd. Sometimes I hate NPR.