Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ah Man...

I'm onna say it. I am one for three finding people. I soo wanted to find Miss Char S. easy as pie man. I put that unique name in a search engine and Blip! Gorgreous as ever. Now, i'm tring to find this guy. The thing is ,he has a very basic name "John Brown. Ask me again and I'll knock you down" It sucks. I kind of will never feelcompleter if i do not find this guy: Danny Edwards UMass Virgin Isles great friend Lalapalooza in Fla (I got run over by a Mister Softee truck). I miss and love this guy (not sexually, you pervs).

Christina Hendricks

What a goddess. Women,do you agree? I guess I've always had a thing for red heads, going back to Kerry O'Gara in my neighborhood and than Tina Louise. She's like a Victoria Principal, without the surgeon husband. I love Mad Men, and I love her. BTW...I first noticed her on "Life" a great fucking show on NBC which got cancelled due to a large chin.