Monday, April 30, 2007


Maybe you watched the debates and we can agree on something. Obama may have a few things going for him, but thinking quick on his feet is not one of them. Someone used the adjective 'gauzy' to describe him, and I kind of like that.
At the time of Bush's first term, I kept on seeing Joe Biden showing up on "Charlie Rose." I found him to be quite smart and sort of likable (if ANY politician besides Rob Lowe's character on 'Brother's and Sister's' could be). It seems that he knew a lot about the Mideast and it's division amongst it's own frigging citizens, and I (call me malleable) became a fan.
I wish he did not make that faux pas about Barack earlier on, because he kind of marred his chances to be heard by the people who had never heard of him.
I think Biden certainly held his own in the debates, and I feel he is the only chance for having a non-Hillary face off with the Repubs.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Whatever happened to...

Holly Hunter?

Linda Fiorentino?

Jennifer Jason Leigh

Lauren Ambrose and Tammy Blanchard? (so damn up and coming it's stalled)

It's not like I'm wondering where the first Marilyn Munster is or anything. These actresses basically rule and command the screen. I know I can go to IMDB and see what's up. Checking out some of the straight to video release DVD's (I'm assuming) @ the library and come across movies I have never heard of, { "Prime" w/ Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman anyone?} (BTW-it sucked so bad and had some many inconsistencies) I never see any of these actresses. I wish I could create this major sweeping drama that could employ about 15 or so of some of my favorite actresses who have fallen by Hollywood's wayside.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cock Blocking

My version of 'cockblocking' does not involve some some smarmy stud moving in on my future prospect for the night. It seems this phrase rings through my head every travelling moment of my day. I'll be walking on the ferry and (as I walk at a fast pace) and out of nowhere some slow moving vehicle; represented here by some of the following will come out of nowhere and throw a wrench into my pace:

An old battalack (sp) wandering aimlessly in a pre WWI halcyon daze.

Some lazy ass who is too out of shape to carry a backpack that they have to wheel it. Dragging it along like a new puppy on a leash, as they munch on their bearclaw.

Someone on their cell phone. This person will usually stop dead in their tracks to continue the inane conversation they are having. Also, usually involves them smoothing over a relationship they just ruined; asking the electric company to continue their service, or just making theatrics as if they are auditioning for a commercial, meanwhile they are listening to their voicemails.

If this happens once, it happens a hundred times through my day. On the street. In a store; where I always seem to be shopping on whirling dervish day.
I propose fast lanes and slow lanes on the sidewalk. We would also have to post Amber alert like messages in every tunnel and bridge (and Luftansia) explaining to the B&T sect that you can not walk in groups of fives down the street thinking your Carrie and the girls from 'Sex and the City.'

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Was it Cher who had the song "Bang, bang" ?

Gosh...It frigging sucks in Virginia.
Give a kid a book and he will live in a world of mystery and hope. Give a kid a gun...

I saw whom formerly has been called my best friend, this weekend. I say that because it was either me or her that was a 'raggatto' <--- rage face (head) (Italian). I think what happens is this. I am so excited to see someone, anyone... that I can hold a pertinent sentence with; that I get all excited. Yeah, like a dog when his master comes home. So, these people (whom I love) take me for this 'waste product'? maybe or this needy a-hole.
Some days I speak maybe 5 words. "That's for the News" As I'm buying my paper. That's it. So excuse me if I get a little excited being around people.
Joyce is being told she is loved and is beautiful 15 times a day...Me= zero.
The greatest thing Joyce said to me was, "You are the smartest frigging bastard that I have ever known and you make the salary of the 'jamba juice' guy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
She bought me a DVD player to replace my VHS (which I love) and I'm conscience of the feeling of love

Monday, April 16, 2007

Movies you probably saw when they came out, unlike me

Junebug This movie was fantastic. Amy Adams was brilliant. Yeah, I cried like a wuss.

"your a Rock Star, but we are going a different way"

The public at large are a bunch of dicks. They take a phrase and use, abuse and over kill it to death. Obama is a rock star. Some 14 year old kid from Somalia who wrote a book about being in the gangs that slaughtered 1000's of people is a rock star. What the fuck does that mean? To some of these people Bon Jovi and Sting are rock stars. These fools have completely taken the term and mis -used it more than the word 'behoove.' When people ask me my tastes in music, rock doesn't even enter the vernacular...Why are these two cited not being called 'rap stars?' I mean for all intents and purposes, rap far out sells 'rock' according to the charts, and they are both black. But, being a 'rap star' has too many negative connotations. Pimp, playa, 4o's, guns, ho's with nappy hair (ha)...
Recently, I recieved not one but three messages from perspective employers saying that they do not want me for a job. All three said; 'we are going a different way'. What the fuck does that mean? Are you hiring a robot? Are you turning your restaurant into a museum? Just freaking say, 'thanks, but no thanks' or "we really enjoyed meeting you blabbity blah blah..."

Friday, April 06, 2007


Sunday's use to be for sports and housewives...
This Sunday... (you must say this with that voice over guys tempo)... They are back.

I was in Fla. when I read the NY Magazine Listings that David Chase was having a Q&A with all (or lots) of the characters he killed off including my wife in a hetero world, Anabella Sciorra this past week. If anyone out there went to this, I would love to hear from you.

Maybe Little Carmine (cuz) will have a big role...He can not say anything to us sycophants...Only fooling...I ask him nothing at all.

What pisses me off the most is that I have sent Tony Ortega a writing sample and my credentials to review TV in the dying 'Village Voice' and no one has gotten back to me. If i was in this illustrious circle, I would have been getting preview tapes and stuff. Just like when I worked for UTA.