Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scam in the new age

I have gotten scammed 2 times in my life...will tell you those stories in the future.
My mother came home from her daily 2 mile route (she frets from trespassing this border line, in short, she fears the driver's on the road).
Some "woman/girl" approached her in the parking lot as my mom was loading stuff from Stop and Shop, and then let me take it from here.
My Mom was like:  "this nice lady came up to me in the S-N-Shop parking lot and could not stop complimenting the color of my car..."
Ba Dump.
I became infuriated.
Mom, your car color is fucking called Burgundy.  It is in the frigging Crayola collection, I heatedly told her.
The next day we pulled into this parking lot at a shopping center and I pointed out at least 21 of her same colored cars. 
This woman has been through so much, I do not need some smack head with a stroller to destroy her.