Friday, May 27, 2005


I'm staying in this "Safe House" situation. It's to prevent me from getting drunk and losing yet another job and apartment and friends. I was good for the first three weeks but something recently has been tugging at my inner conscience to get fucked up, but this time with caution. I did, and I didn't. I did get wasted, I was not cautious. I can not get kicked out of this joint man. I will be fucking homeless. In other areas, I've finally got some internet juice in my laptop and I have been reading all my favorite blogs and their archives. To Damon; you are looking mighty fine these days and a happy belated Birthday to you...Narcissism101, I wish I could audition for your play, but I am in So. Florida and to Perez Hilton, you crack me up boy, but you are gonna get burned by being too nice to Star Jones. Peace and Love to you all.......

Crash...the movie

If this was a literary work the author would be brought up on charges of plagerism. This movie had Robert Altman and Paul Thomas Anderson written (filmed) all over it. Nice to see up and coming Actress from 2000 Thandie Newton in a role other than ER, and Sandra Bullock was pretty decent along side a pasty/doughie Matt Dillon. Note to Jennifer Esposito; girl those nipples of yours are HUGE! The film itself was a little contrived and had the tugs and heartstring moments most studio's prefer with a first time director. Haggis (the director) even had an Aimee Mann doppleganger sing a full song montage for the resolution.

Another One Bites the Horse...

Lost one of my two roomates today to his addiction. He is a 21 year old ockey phenom with a penchant for Mr. Brownstone. He got kicked out of our "Safe House" yesterday for not coming home...And when he did this kid was fucking zooted. He woke us all up to tell us he made a batch of Blueberyy Gatorade Slushies and then fell asleep on the floor leaning next to his dresser. I woke up a little later to find his face all cut up (he claims he cut it while going down on a girl!). It's sad, because every other day he recieves gift packages from his mother and Grandmother saying how proud they were of him. Speak of the devil, the house manager just came in with a new roomate. Another young kid...We will see.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Time in a bottle

If I could save time in a bottle...Hmm. I've been spending too much of these past eight years in the bottle. I finally admitted that I was powerless over alcohol and that my life had become un-manageable. I'm living with about 9 other guys in a sober house in South Florida, and man, I have so much to share. Until then, I implore you to buy the new Aimee Mann CD, The Forgotten Arm.

I had a run in with a bottle that began to take my life from me...
I look forward to sharing my experiences of my time in the halfway house with you.
Love, Mickey