Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pick Your Face and Vaccum Your Carpet 24/7

When I lived in West Hollywood, I lived below this MethHead.See, even though I knew this chemical to be crank in the mid-80's in Atlantic City where I worked, it kind of nose dived as a drug(at leat in my circles) until I moved to WeHo (!) in the late nineties.

It was ramapant among every single person in Hollywood but still eluded me...<---My first thoughts, in the 80's was of snorting Drano/Fantastic/A&H Baking Soda. My circles were so small in Los Angeles that I could not believe it when I heard that all of a society was gak-ing.

I may have told you before that I was the later attendant of Chastity (now Chaz) Bono's apartment. I told you lesbians are cheap....this place was 570 when I rented it and a studio. She may have moved out because who knew that the guy living directly above me in the same architectually (sp) designed apartment was a Meth head. Prominent among gays in these days he would either be vacuuming his 200 sq foot apartment for 15 hours of the day or else he would be dropping what sounded to be a bowling ball (12 lb.) every 15 seconds. And people wonder why I drank?

I never thought a T.V. show about Meth would pique my interest. I need to state that "Breaking Bad" is among this fellow T.V. Heads favorite shows, ever. Top 5...Bar none. I rented seasons 1 & 2 from the library and I started watching 2 days ago, and I feel like (hah) I could use a little of the witches Comet to follow through watching every episode. It is wonderful. Now where is my Electralux?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gerri Blank meet Mickeyitaliano

Today I read that Staten Island has the most , per capita scrips for Oxycontin/done. Some old fuck doctor got arrested for writing these, and all I can say is: "Uh Huh". My ennui continues. There is no place to call home these days, like the bucolic neighborhoods Tim Burton created for "Edward Scissorhands." I just wanna go home, but I do not want any familiar faces there. <--great line for a song

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ah Ming!!...He has been one of my favorite Chefs for about 15 years or so since he began his PBS show ("East Meets West"). He made it all the way to the finals for "The Next Iron Chef" and he was eliminated last night. I picked him and the female Chef who also got 86'd last night from the first show of 15 competing Chefs. He is a cool guy and I hope he gets another chance. You have had to have beaten an Iron Chef on a previous show of that season to be on this. I think Ming beat Battalli (yeah!). Anyway, I hope I did not scare any of you who are fans of his to think that he was goners in that other way.


When I lived in Los Angeles, car city,I had this really amazing Ford Escort Station Wagon that I painted Hunter Green. It was great for lugging all the stuff from work, great for the dogs, just great. I was first on line at a red light on Robertson Blvd and Melrose when the light changed to green I gassed it and as I look to my left I see a Datsun or something coming at me at like 45 mph. I threw myself into the passenger seat as she barrelled into me. My Escort totalled, I needed a newish car. My friends' mechanic had this ugly blue Bonneville wherein the owners dropped it off to get fixed and never returned. I bought it, painted it a steel grey and never romanticised the memory of the Escort again.

This car (Bonny) was made for 5pm Early Birders in FL and AZ. It had every freaking contraption in the world. Sunroof, seat warmers, remember the seat position on both side suede bucket seats, A/C for Sneezley and Breezley, and a radio/cd/cassette player that was like as insane as the amount of speakers. I loved this damn car and now I hear the whole Pontiac brand is history. Oh, I forgot the whole main groovey thing ...guys would constantly ask me about my car (steel grey was just coming into fashion as a car color), I mean people who were driving freaking Beemers and Audi's. Weird, huh? Well,sleep well dear Pontiac company. (I'm sure the Trans Am Guido's are freaking out!!

Friday, November 05, 2010


I have to be the only guy who has 6-7 great friends who never watch TV or would not be pumped for doing the"Amazing Race". Granted. J____ can not leave her situation now, forget D___ and C___,they have zero interest.

I am in busters...It would be so cool, because we can say we were this type of friends (aloof?).

A Million bucks,y know

Josie and her 4 Pussycats

On Monday my Mom celebrated her 40th year in the Supreme Court. She's behind bars...ha
They had a celebration for Jo and all her compadriats who had taken 'the buyout'. They started announccing all the retiree's names (28 in all). Everything was going col and smooth when they were at McGuilicuty and then there was friction at the booth. Well, the MC (who is a Judge) said, well I'm gonna have "Doris" say something, and then my Mom's judge went up and the ovations were overwhelming. Remember those audience meters on the Gong Show? Well, she broke em. Everyone in the place was snapping pictures of her and her Judge, Mr. M___. The 10 of us at the table lost it. I felt so proud of this woman,my MOM, who put 4 kids through high school and college and aside from a few misderminors (me) we are decent guys. We had 11 at the table. I can not get down from this high, because that is my mom. (that is Mom,overwhelmed with her Judge).

I Don't Know You, But I Think I Would Dislike You...immensely

I rmember an episode of Will and Grace...they played this game of going through the 'Us' weekly and they would say if they liked or hated that person.

Will: "Well,here you go, Jada Pinkett."

Grace: Hate her

I plotzed!

2 of My Things Came to Light

***The UK has started slow and fast lanes on some streets

***The UK (again...I know) show "Shameless" which i wrote about is now a new series on Showtime

Some mutha effer is reading this blog and taking all my ideas!!!