Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am not trying to maximize this quake, but if you live on the East Coast, this stuff does not figure into our life here. I heard Cali's were mocking us...obviously length and girth of the quake. I have been through some big ass shimmers in Los Angeles.
Okay, I need to tell you this.
I walked a mile or so when my bus refused to move. i walked to the train station. I went down the stairs and some Asian guy was sitting there in his chef whites. I was like, "oh my God how are you doing after this shake up". And he said, quote, "You have fat belly. You are fat man"
Who, in creation talks to a stranger like this? Why, was I the one?
In college some girl I loved, was talking about me. She said I had tits.
I lost like 55 pounds and was skeletal. This fucking chinese dude screwed me up.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crucial Blunders

Sometimes i wake up and I'm just smelling my pillow, trying to be Zen and it hits me.
My roof in St.Thomas was such. Southern exposure (the street where we hitched)...from my room, about 12 feet drop. Collorbone, bruised hip. East...3 feet...bruised ego. West is funny because I do not think I have ever been on that side of the hpuse.
North keeps me up at night.
Jay (my roomate) would go up in the early morn. to check the surf.
We had steps up and then some gate/ladder we had to swing over and walk parallell to the sun and reach the top.
I had a roof party one Monday. I brought up my stereo system (turntables in those days) and a big rug for dancing.
It was me, Marni, Sherrie and Jay. I dee jayed.
Afterwards me and Jay sat on the North side of the apt and blew a joint. I looked down and I have had thos fear of heights since, It was like an 180 foot drop/ My screams inside were audible. man. I think of this to this day and still sqirm/