Sunday, February 27, 2011

Funny Story about a Long Hair

I was hanging out on the beach with my friends...Meghan's was the name. I think. The beach,ya know. Dan was saucing up his lovely and I had jut finished an extreme game of Kadima with another good friend.
I went to relax at a picnic table and as I was looking at my cool toe's (second one is bigger), I saw this hair.
It was at least 6 inches long. I thought it was from some plankton or such from below the sea, but it was wedged into the space above my second toe (roast beef). It was ingrained. Me and Dan laughed about it. It was always fun (to them) to make fun of me. I plunked it out that day all though,it was embarrassing, I wanted it.
I have this eyebrow lash.
I have always wanted big ass eyebrows.
I tried mascara but I smear too much.
I touch my face, fight it...a lot
I have this eyebrow lash that is like 1 and a half inches long.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Me: As A Doggie

God...I want to rescue him/her...(tears streaming)


I'm all for no plastic bags and no happy meals...but taking in the guys from Guantanamo is so fucking liberal, I don't know if I can deal guys. I realize that 80 percent are innocent. Give me a different perspective please. Housing in San Fran/Berkely is basically 98% occupied-the most in the country. I am poor and need to leave my house, I would dig living in these area's.