Monday, January 31, 2011

How in the Hell did I ever like you?

This section is dedicated to people we thought we loved and admired and then we grew. And then we said, "echhh".

"Archer" :Best Show I just discovered

I was reading a lot about this show "Archer" on FX but it never registered. I knew it was a cartoon. Then I heard H.Jon Benjamin was in it voicing the main character. You may remember him as Slacker son Ben to Dr.Katz in sqiggle-vision. Then I just read a cool article on by the "Archer" guys,and it was so cool.

Don't get me wrong, I like a few cartoons/adult fare. I like/d "The Simpson's" (obvious), and "Daria","King...Hill" and even"Beavis...". I just don't have the frosh humor of "Family Guy",geeky nerdom of "Futurama". I was ambivalent.

"Archer"is one of the best written shows on T.V. It has more double entandre's and jokes in a minute than "30 Rock", which is a tall order.

I like how the main character's look so much like themselves. With no disrespect to J. Benj, cause Archer is the biggest stud, Mommas boy,spoiled lonely brat.

Try and get the first season from Netflix because the 2nd season just started and you can catch up. (I also know a site where you can watch for free. Ssshhhh!)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

God Almighty

Have you ever read the comments on HuffPo. Dont. That goes for The Daily Beast and especially Gawker. Tools.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Things onTV when you are a kid

There wasn't much. "In my day" we had channels 1-13 plus (hopefully nudies) on UHF which resulted in Spanish wrestling.

I remember being with my brother in our room and tuning into one of the first broadcasts of Sesame Street.

On Sundays we use to watch "Wonderama" and "Abbott and Costello".

Weekdays was a steady stretch of "Romper Room" and my man here. He use to have a morning exercise class/show, and like most Americans we watched on our belly in the living room . Rest in Peace mister.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

How Can You See So Many Movies (on your budget)?

A friend of mine from the Talent Agency in L.A. sends me a bunch of the end of the year screeners.
Just watched
"Easy A" great! (no sarcasm)
"Fockers 3" Unbearable. Just, like, yech.
"The Fighter" Awesome
"Black Swan" Eh...Campy
"True Grit" review below
I have like 8 more to watch....(Burlesque!!) <--ha

My Globe Predictions

If you never knew,the Globes are a 'lick ass fest'. They are smart, they want all the hottest people there, and so,this coillition of sychophants nominate everyone that they want to have 1 minute of face time with. So they can virtually jerk off to having had met them afterwards.
Actress Supp. Role Drama: My girl, Melissa Leo (If you have never seen 'Frozen River', you are missing the best).

Supporting Actor Drama: Christian Bale This is the biggest lock.

Foreign Film: I'm going with Swinton goddess and "I Am Love"

Director: Christopher Nolan for "Inception" which I am watching right after this post. I did not feel the Social Network had such great direction. It was a great movie, but ploddy. Ya kno?

Television Series Drama: Mad Men (A lot of people love 'Braking Bad' and "Boardwalk Empire'which I both love,but....Mad Men would be my desert island)

Actress Drama- tough one but I pick Elizabeth Moss

Actor Drama- Hamm- hamms down (ha)

Com TV Show- Modern Family (for normal tv,thisis awesome)

Actress Com-Torn between Linney and Fey yet I absolutely love Collette

Actor Comedy- Jim Parsons better win (2nd favorite show...Big Bang...)

Supp. Actress- Kelly MacDonald (Boardwalk Empire ruled)

Supp. Actor- Eric Stonestreet (Cam from Modern Fam)

We will see in a day or so...

True Grit

This girl deserves a Paquin.

This girl was unbelievably true (Listen to the Coen Bros talk on Terry Gross' show) grit.

I absolutely believed her in this role.

What a cool girl. She was only 13 and the last dozen chosen. Great movie. My only qualm is that when I watch it again on DVD. I have to put the sub-titles on for Jeff Bridges. And, I NEVER even could guess that was Matt Damon.

Wow. Great flick.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Did anyone see "The Fighter"?

I will write more about this tomorrow after my GG recap. Christian Bale was amazing in this and he does not win it is a travesty. Besides that he does not play up to these idiots i the GG stratosphere.