Saturday, May 29, 2010

Strangers with Candy

I just met some girl I hung out with for like 3 years (during high school) on Facebook. She hung out with the dudes who abused me, and I know she giggled. I forgive her.
This is how I can feel like a prick.
She has battled Cancer for 4 plus years.
We have began to get close.
She has 3 kids and she married some cool guy in my neighborhood.
I never want to wait anymore.


Those women from NY (housewives),whom I have to watch w/ my mom are in St.John. My dear God,I miss this place...


It's so apprpriate that the song "Ride" (Cary Brothers)is playing as I write this.
1992 I discovered this guy visiting from Sweden. I wanted this to be my gig. He was (not being faggy),the most gorgeous guy in the world. He was leaving for Sweden the next morning. He called me twice from Sweeden. Gosh....


This is how I go on Facebook. I login, I post a song, look at stuff and I am like a robber. I am out of there. I never want to see more than I can, and because I seem to extrapolate too much, I TRY and bolt.
Some guy from my old block that I grew upon found me. Accept.
A miasma of circumstances happened. #1: I have never said my real High School date (I put it at 1968)...
Too many people kept asking me about my marrital status...
For the first couple I said I was divorced,and then I broke down and decided, I hate frigging lying. So,I wrote my correct graduating year (1981)and said I was single. Fuck em!!!!
I have been getting hits, from graduates of my school, (ignore) but this one girl hit me up. Coleen, and she is like remember how you got me that job @ the Movie Theater (I was asst.mgr!!!!!!)...So,it turns out she married some guy I knew (a very cool guy) and she has battled Cancer and shit since then, and oh, she has a twin (whom I knew), and she's a dike. I felt like I was home...I toldthis old friend of mine about the asshole guys (They thought they were taggers...they called themselves T.S.O. the Serious Ones). They were assholes. I told her how this is a re-acurring instance in therapy and she could not believe it. These dicks tried to drown me when they saw me with the hottest girl in H.S. They embarrassed me so much,I wanted to die. (this is high school)
Anyway, Coleen just wanted to tellme that she thought I was ...
It made me feel good.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Need to Cry...seriously...get the hell away

Sarah Palin's daughter...the one who gave birth out of wedlockis now touring the country and giving speeches for 30,000.There is an express train with my name on it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Can I get a Lawyer?

See, I have been finding these sights where I can download any song ever. And I kinda feel guilty, but my guilt is assuaged by the fact that I baught all these albums before. Like, I paid 10.49 @ Korvette's or Grants, and I kept these bitches with me all my life, and then, either it be lack of payment (Los Angeles) or Natural Disaster (Hurricane Andrew-storage-no insurance) I have PERTAINED these. So, Jacoby and Myers,can I get a break for downloading all these songs for free?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How fucked things are...

When i was writing that last post I was in the middle of downloading "Mother"by PinkFloyd. I can't wait to listen to it and cry my eye's out.

Mom's sick

My mom is sick. Lady problems. But like,older lady stuff. Don't even ask me what this means. We went to the hospital. She had an MRI. I was so frigging scared,but she told me that night that she felt good, because I was there. Some littlebrooklyn hottie asked me for my phone number. Surreal! Today,Monday. Mom got the results back. Maybe it was a botched hysterectomy in the 70's. I thank you Lord for giving me a fewmore years/months with her,so I can repair everything. I am not a pinhead (speaking of Kerry). Thanks God, even though I abhoar the Catholic Church, I still believe. Love always,Mickey

"Away we Go"

Let's say it is horrible outside,and you need to cuddle up and watch a good movie, this is the one. "Away we Go" with John Krasinski (from the Office)and a resplendent Maya Rudolph. Man,I really loved this film. Give me your replies if you saw it.

Dreams, thoughts and other mis-givings

I feel like Dorothy sometimes. I never remember my dreams, but through the day I want to say to you and you and you,that you all where there. I just know you were there. Jay and Mark, Char and Chrisstine,Slim and Donna,Jen and Marilyn, Scott and Jim P. Even those fuckheads who abused me.

Thank you Internet

So,I was hearing about this show on Starx. Seriously,who The F--- has starx? It's called "party Down" and I wrote about it like a month ago. Anyway, I did like a less than minute search and i HAVE WATCHED EVERY EPISODE on line,straight from japan! It's awesome...Domo Arigato!! I have also watched every episode of "True Blood" and "The United States of Tara"...Eat it Blockbuster!!

Within your Reach

I love The Replacements and they made a song...About death. And as much as I love these guys, they could not replace the loss I felt. This was one of the most trumatic times in my life.
I played "Within your reach" non stop. Then I moved home.
I just want to say,stupidlly,to Kerry,that I kind of loved her,as much as my heart alllows to love. I so wanted to take you on that weekend with me, but you had to watch your nephew. I love you Kerry. I ache for you,I scream some times about your death. Love always...Michael


Dear Courtney,
I hope you and your daughter reconcile but this is a horrible place to do it. I have a lotof faith in you C.L. I think you are so enanmored by technology that you are overwhelmed. Your loved, you stupidwrite-a-holic. I keep thinking of the great tunes you made.

Friday, May 07, 2010

This girls spirit...

This morning I read this story about some girl from Jersey who had been eaten by a crocodille while snorkeling off the coast of India. Her sister died 4 years go rock climbing. I ache for her parents, and I just wish they could know that their daughter permeated all of my thoughts yesterday.
Poor bubby.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Extreme Happiness

Where does it come from? It comes from working class slobs such as myself getting their 2 seconds of recognition.
I KNOW this gig at the Food Network won't be for me. I can not pander and comeoutall Guy Smiley.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New Pills,Old Pills,Blue Pills,Pink Pills...

One works onw way (feeling good) but has the side effect of "Costanza out of the pool". Next one sort of works but my appetite is ravenous all the time (this is a no no). Next one is good,feel instant calming, but the Catch-22 is that Medicaid does not pay for it.So,I have to fly solo a little bit more. Bummer. Yeah, bummer.

"Lost" Make it Stop!!

Please. Let this show finally be over so some of the peope I usually read for interesting stuff can stop auto-erotic asphixiating themselves and trying to guess how it is supposed to end. Holy crap!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Rocket is

This is one great movie..."Rocket Science"...Also,"Sunshine Cleaning" was a tremendous bomb,but it was poorly marketed,I thought it was pretty decent as well.