Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Can now add video's!!

I joined BLogger in it's hey day...just 7 years ago...can you believe it.  I was, not to applaud, but I was one of the first bloggers.  Blog,the noun has gone from what? to Huh? to chuckle.
I laugh when i write this because about 3 years ago I saw some girl with a shirt (ironic or not) which said across her beautiful tits.."Have you read my Blog?
I use to follow all the blogger news.  I stopped.
Now we can add video's.
I never watch the kittens who mew channel. but I promise bring great songs with my meanings.
Happy Memorial Day safe lovers


the Mats...just read another book about these Minnisota dudes.

Wait no more

For 6 or so months,i hope to be working at this place at JFK.  It takes me about 3 hours to get there.  5 shifts a week.  I can do it.  I need to re-group.  And at least I can do this waitering.  I have zero qualms about my age, et al.  It is...the only steakhouse in JFK.  We'll see.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

"Damages" It's a Good Thing...Maybe

I've been trying to find some television series that I can get invested in. One that has run for a couple of seasons, so I can always turn to it (the show) when I am bored.

I was ambivalent about the show "Damages" starring Glenn Close, only because I am sort of iffy on her. I think it's because she reminds me of some snooty Connecticut Waspy type.

I recently heard that she was in that Cult-y teen group in the 70's called, Up with People, so I kinda loosened up on her and started watching.

Man,I was hooked. Great co-stars, great plots. I found myself watching 3 episodes and still not being able to fall asleep,and watching a fourth.

Couple this with me trying to, for the 112th time, find a suitable job. Oye!

I had this dream that I was working @ this huge Macy's size store, solely deigned for Martha Stewart. Martha was in the store preparing us (the staff) for the Grand Opening. I think I was like a Manager or something.

Oh,I forgot to mention. If you have never seen "Damages", Glenn's character is named Patty and she is a Lawyer. Wait. Lawyer is probably the 15th thing on a list that explains this absolute Barracuda. Conniver, Back Stabber, Killer?, Manipulator,et al.

Back to the Grand Opening. We were walking around the store with the staff, and Martha turns to me and asks me, by name, to retrieve something, and at this point she is pointing her arm out in the direction of this massive store. I wanted to asked her to narrow it down a little, but she continued to tour the group and I was afraid to cut in. So, I walked in the direction of ,her arm. Just like looking for something to jump out at me.

I wandered around and was walking back empty handed, when she stopped the group speak. She walked up to me, and she was furious. Her face was steaming with rage. She started to stomp up the store, (at least I had the direction right) as she was berating me. The group of trainee's and myself followed. She was repeating this word over and over which sounded foreign to me. She stopped in front of this gigantic wicker basket filled with gallons of her paint cans. She was like, "I said blah, blah, blah (meaning the paint color name)" and she picked up the wicker basket (which held about 40 different gallons) and spilled them all out on the floor. They all rolled around, and I woke up, kind of laughing.