Wednesday, May 03, 2006

How Fucked is That?

So, I'm on Staten Island. The libraries are okay, but the video collection is nothing like Elmhurst, Queens. We have like two rows of DVD's here in Richmondtown, a branch they spent gazillions to make.
Making my way through the assortment, it is weird because there will be like 2 each of "Chuck and Buck" and like 2 each of that horrid John Waters movie with Melanie Griffith out of like, 100 films total. Anyway, there was this movie with a couple of guys running together on a beach on the cover and it boasted an adline of "...once their secret was told.." I was thinking cool, a G&L Film Festival straight (ha) to DVD movie. No stars ( except if you include Hume Cronin) but it could be cool. The movie is called, "A separate Peace".
I watched the movie and it was pretty good and then I found out from reading the box cover that it happened to have been a well received book and one that young boys read (when they use to read). The movie starred this guy Toby Moore who looked exactly like Hillary Swank it was uncanny. I mean, any casting agent would flip if they got to meet this guy, he could nab a great gig like miles did on 'Fraser' after DHP's agent sent a picture to Kelsey Grammers' people. And this kid Tobey Moore's character was, it seemed to me, going to make a pass @ any one of the main characters any second if you counted on my Gaydar (which is usually very acute) but I'm sure the director wanted it that way. Well the secret that the box proclaimed turned out to be that one of the guys jumped on a tree branch which forced the Swanker Doppleganger to fall and end his 'sports career' but their friendship remained. Whatever.
The same night, dying from boredom and frustration I rewatched 'Sideways' which I had only seen once before when I had consumed a bottle of Skyy Vodka that I found in the garage on a shelf at my friend's house while I was having a cigarette and she and her lover were getting it on. How does one have a bottle of Skyy sitting on a shelf with the extension cords. I don't know. Suffice to say, I did not remember ONE scene while I was rewatching it.
So, the resolution of the movie is happening. Giamatti's character is back at his teaching position and the class is reading a book. The book they are reading from is, "A Separate Peace."

Jaime Lynn Siegler, Sean Puffy Combs (and mom), Lenny Kravitz, David Blaine and Petra Namkova invite you to

...the opening of a safty pin

"Standing in the shower, thinking"

I'm still living on a tightrope as far as employment goes. The Hamptons gig requires me to take the train out there again this coming Saturday to meet with the owners; one of whom I heard was a Baldwin. Cripes, I hope is not Stephan, Billy or Danial. I'd even take a Baldwin sister besides those characters. Did ja know that the train ride from Penn Station to Amaganset is 3 plus hours? I could have flew to fricking Florida. Factor into that that I am coming from Staten Island, we are talking a 10 hour round trip. Yeah, I know. I could have been in Europe at my Hotel salivating over the mini bar. We'll see. This gig actually will provide me with enough euros to do that once the summer ends and me and Kelly Ripa are just like this.
I was going to discontinue the comments section for good. My Email is always available (go to my profile), but the fucking spammers are inundating my site. Actually it seems to be the same two over and over. Bart's site (go to Summer Reading below, left) is full of them in the comments section but his are more perverted. Damon and Hunter turned them off as well.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Those crazy fucking Asians and their Surgical Masks

What the hell is up with that? Do you live in NYC or San Fran.? Why do I always see these Asian people with surgical masks on? Don't they feel like morons? Would they perhaps like to live in the event that all us NY' ers were annihilated? Is it because they have Bird flu running rampant in their own little communities back east or is it because they skeeve the 'ugly Americans'? See, I've seen this before Bird Flu, and when I googled an Image of "Asian with Surgical Mask" all I got was some chick on ER or Chicago Hope with a mask on their chin. This morning I left my (Mothers) house at 6 am, and the first person I see is some wacko Asian dude with a surgie on his face. I was like, "Well, I just shut off NPR about 12 minutes ago, I know they would have told me if Indian Point blew the Fuck up.
What a bunch of whacko's. And, not for nothing but all the bird and human flu's start in their Continent.

P.S. My PC kind of died. Sorry for slagging in the entries department.