Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Wish They Would Write A Song About It

"A long December, and there's reason to believe, maybe this year may be better than the last..."

I know...I know... Johnny Drama here. I don't mean to be. I'm like this magnetic field towards all possible calamaties.
I love the handfull of you people so much. I think of you all at some part during my day. Laura, when I see the shopping Mom with kids, Tesa when I see a gorgeous tree or plant, Xiou when I think I'm ready for a relationship (inside comment) and last but not least 'The Scarecrow.'

When my brothers and I were younger, we would watch the "The Wizard of Oz" and bet on ( I guess we got the betting thing from my father) whom Dorothy loved the most. I guess we were so young that it may change every year. And every year I picked the scarecrow. Funny how the other two brothers became a doctor and a CPA!

Bart is the coolest guy I have never met. His site, Agitpropbart is on the side of my column. Please read him. It's like "The New Yorker" in class and "House and Garden" in discovery of a new house.
I'm going to tell you other readers. As soon as he commented on my site last year, and I knew he was from New York, I asked him if he wanted to talk a walk around Central Park and just talk. He declined, and I now know why he did so. I would never do this with most people. but i kind of felt like he was placed on this site.
Gushing aside.
Thanks Bart. To put it in NY terms: Your a frigging excellent guy.