Sunday, July 24, 2005

Good Bye to you my trusted friends

Okay. This is the deal. I'm going away for three months. I wish I could keep my blog going for that amount of time, but where I'm going they do not let you bring a laptop in. I feel like Edie Sedgwick getting sent off to the sanitarium everytime she made a mis- judgment in life; but alas, I am going voluntarily. I need this people (peeps). Thank God that New York State provides federally funded programs for those in need like me.
I'll tell you one thing; I'm totally going to miss some of my favorite blogs. I am going to be a busy little beaverette when I get out and start perusing all the archives. this goes out to you Towleroad and you Narcissism101. Hats off to Damon D and Hunter and Lady Bunny and Pink...Three months should go by like (snap of fingers). Take out the weekends and holidays and what are we talking here, like, maybe 55 days at the most; then you exclude the hours sleeping and now we are down to like 33 days (Jesus was 33). Take out time for meals and work...Now, I'm down to a holiday weekend basically.
All I know is that I will be coming back a brand new person (no, I am not going under the knife or to Fat Camp!). I'll be scripted as well and hopefully I will be able to possibly consider a relationship one of these days.
I know how time just flies by for you guys out there, so hopefully we will pick up where we left off when I get back. (The Fat Camp is starting to sound pretty good though).
Love, Mickey

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Le Boob Tube

Did you ever move to a new state and have to totally re program yourself as to what the television channels are. I'm always going to assume that 2 (CBS), 4 (NBC) and 7(ABC) are going to be the same everywhere, yet they are not. If that's not bad enough, I'm guessing that certain state's budgets only allow sub-bar, cheaper airtime reruns that usually are on during the day. For example: at 10 am and 11 am you will find three separate channels running The Jerry Springer Show (demand, I'm assuming) and I think Becker has it's best numbers here in Fla. as well. It runs like Sienfeld or ...Raymond would in New York. I actually am beginning to like the geriatric trifecta of an hour of The Golden Girls followed by an hour of Matlock and then everyone favorite sleuth in Murder She Wrote. Television is like white noise for me that is always on in the background. I find it hard, no make that painfully hard to sit and watch television by itself; especially if you scan around at the hubris being passed along as entertainment this summer.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Yes they're cousins! Identical cousins...

I took a drive up north in Fla. tonight with Joyce and her son Conner, to drop him off at camp. The town was called Vero Beach...Sounds semi-classy; yet when we arrived at a rest stop there, I was reminded of this segment on SNL called, "Appalachian Emergency Room". One big man boobed man was buying a "suitcase" of beer with his shirt off as his little bitty frail wife in a housedress was rubbing off scratch off lottery tickets. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Suddenly Sublime

Kathy Griffin rules, dammit.
Here is a sampling from a recent Radar On-line interview with her...

What handsome guy would you not want to sleep with?
I don’t get Colin Farrell. He seems like a wife beater and he looks like he smells bad and has crabs.

Her new show, "The D list" will air on Bravo.

Friday, July 15, 2005


Well; it's back to rehab for me. A 60 day commitment. I hope to be posng at least once a week regarding my travails. My other option was to be sent to this "rehab" where there was no group or one on one therapy but rather it was "Bible based". I had visions of me turning into Jerri Blank and singing,"I'm gonna sit at the Masters' Table" from the episode "The Blank Stare" of Strangers with Candy. I need some serious therapy; and I'm also not doubting that I need some serious psychotropics. God speed y'all. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 08, 2005

Nearly Beloved

My freinds never know my type...I'm sort of all over the map. What with guys and girls and stuff and then that bout with asexuality, rockers or poets...But when this guy came into the place I was working in Los Angeles with his (their) then producer, Michael Penn; I honestly could not stop stealing glances at him. His eyes were Ice Blue and his black hair and pale skin had me enraptured. I'm reminded of Jakob because they were on a rerun of Letterman tonight. Poor bubby can't seem to get another hit...He's still hot as shit. Posted by Picasa

Same amount of people; different situations

Heroin. Heroin. Alcohol. Heroin. Crack. Oxy Contin and Alcohol. Alcohol. Crack. Heroin and Alice.
This is the house and my housemates. We are a good looking bunch. We are a smart bunch...As a matter of fact; addicts have a collectively higher IQ than your normal sober folks. No bragging rights here on my part. I hate almost every day I am here on this earth due to all it's temptations and the fact that I will live with this for the rest of my life. We have an empty bed, i guess that is where "cousin Oliver" comes along. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Year old best sellers that come out in paperbacks RULE

Not exactly Jackie Collins for the beach, but; whoa man, this shit is heavy. If you've ever wanted more from Sandra Bullocks happy, pappy version of rehab via 28 days or had a loved one or a past loved one who has been an addict of any kind; I implore you to read this weighty tome which is beautifully written by James Frey. Posted by Picasa

My Friends, My friends...

It seems that whoever reads my suggested links labeled "summer reading" has a poison pen and their name is anonymous. Poor Anonymous, (not to be associated with Alcoholics, Narcotics, Overeaters et al) seems to read and reply to many folks with bitter, scathing remarks rebelling against every passage either of us writes. I have to chock it up to something other than alcohol, narcotics or overeating; because at least those vices satiate ones negativity and in most cases make enough endorphins to provide humorous writings.
As for putting my face in my profile; I can not begin to answer this since it is basically a pre-requisite for any newspaper columnist, ice cream and popcorn distributor and jailbirds. I, have never; ever been egotistical; nor do I pose "for hours to get a shot." That pix happened to be a copy of a copy from a friends Email. Fuck off Anonymous; I suggest picking up a bottle of Stoli, a Crack Pipe and a 6 foot Hero from the Deli.

This makes me so fucking upset:Army gives $5B in Iraq work to Halliburton

Saturday, July 02, 2005


"Today's the 4th of July,
Another June has gone by;
And when they light up our town,
I just think;
What a waste of gunpowder and sky"

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Friday, July 01, 2005

Mirror, Mirror...

You know how they say that when you are usually repulsed by something so bad in a person, what you are really disgusted with; is your own dealings with that problem? Kinda like say; Roy Cohn hating gays and than being one or Southern "Gentlemen" hating Blacks but than siddling up to them and having babies with the slaves' wives? Well, I fucking HATE Elizabeth Hurley. She is a Gold Digging snatch with legs and a second pair of lips that she uses to speak and try to act from.

Calling a Spade a Digging thingy...

The other day on Towleroad, Andy spoke to his readers regarding the media's take on all the Gay Pride Events over the country the last coupla weeks and the revelers they choose to showcase either in the newspapers or the 5 seconds of montage that they air on the news. His responses netted about 75 responses when I saw the entry.
I just saw a commercial for the newest installment of Big Brother; a stupid reality show to begin with but never the less in the commercial they introduce 5 contestants. "Hi I'm Bob and I'm a doctor..."
"I'm Debbie and I'm a manacurist..."
"I'm Fritz and I'm German..."
"I'm Rodrigo and I'm FABULOUS"
Hmmm...Can you tell in print who is the gay guy?

You know, I use to take these issues to heart. Maybe at the time I was self-loathing? I chocked it up not being particularally attracted to effeminate men, but I still got pissed off. Like, what if my family saw the same clip, would they symbiotically assosiate myself with this guy. It's called Generalization. Yet, at the same time, whenever I would see Loud, obnoxious Italian Americans or such, I would be as upset as I was with Rodrigo the Fabulous Housemate. I guess what it comes down to; is that I want to be seen as an individual. A unique individual whose sexual orientation or heritage or the state that I come from neither hinders or is the basis for your attraction or repulsion towards me.