Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Feathered Friend

I had no desire to be this guys friend. He made me laugh a lot, when it was needed. He was this character. So, with a voice actually louder than mine, we became friends.
We ended up rooming at Staten Island Psych Care. We were the best roomates, ever.

Monday, November 16, 2009

God Almighty

I'm watching this guy on YouTube who I know as Pedro the Lion sing this gorgeous song "The Longest Winter", and I have never seen him. He's like this gigantic teddy Bear. I'm not into bears,per se, but it makes me smile.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fair WeathrED friend Pt. II

So, I was hungry and broke. And thank God for some of these food banks I was able to eat. I know I'm a little chunky, but all I was living on was stinky ass chix buillon for Christmas through New Years. I was just waiting for someone to drop off a package. It was horrible guys. Ihave never been sosad in my life. I did it all to myself. Josie worked every single un medicated nerves of mine in a Costco parking lot, and although I do not remember this, apparently, I raised my hands to her. From there I was cut off for basically life. A month later, after discovering food banks and stuff, I willingly put my selfinto Rehab again. First, I had to stay at the place above. The safe place. It is here I met Steve. I thought he was a coolguy because he melded to me faster than I to him. We were totally friends in this joint. I introduced him to the movie "Rushmore" which he scoffed at, because either Croc. Dundee, Sly Stallone or The Rock was not in it. Dick. We both ende upgoing to South Beach Psychiatric Center for...cont (heh)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fair WeatherED Friend

Before I went to the last rehab, I checked myself into this joint which was an old hospital (where, ironically, I was born). It was like a 'safe place' and for people to detox. I did not need to detox, I had been clean about 8 days, but at this time, a little past Christmas, i was really suicidal. Every plan for offing myself came with complications. I unfortunately did not have a garage or a car for that matter,in which I could go silently into the night with the silent killer.Everything else kind of scared me or believe it or not, I was worried about the people I might harm. There is this bullet like express train that passes a couple of hundred feet away from my door. i wanted to jack-knife into it. Instantanious, and then I thought about the driver of the train and what would happen if it derails and shit like that.Ich-shnay.
I needed a bar-b-q lighter to lite my oven every time I used it,and I was going to turn on my Gas, whch recently got shut off,just to make that simple mistake of non ignition. But what if someone's pet or worse yet, someone else in my building died in the interim. What if the whole building blew up? That widow downstairs that I help with her Pathmark bags. What becomes of her? (cont)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This chick ruffles my feathers...her songs are like having root canals done on your ears. And she's Canadian to boot!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Kate plus Eight?

I just wish anyone who KNOWS me can listen this song. ya know,it makes me wanna live another day.... honestly.keepme alive Click the link <-----My salvation lies in yourlove....


God,I frigging Love New York. The Yankkee's won the World Series tonight. Today, pre-Championship,I wore my Masui #55 shirt. The ferry and Manhattan was a sea of blue and white. Shirts,,,Posada,petitte,A-Rod and ofcourse Jeter. Yankee people were like, Matsu; yea!!
For those that don't know, Matsui got awarded the MVPof the series. No, not A-Rod. My main man Hideki. It's like if "The National" won band of the year

"God damright it's a beautiful day" Eels

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Suri goes to school

I have 4 brothers. Up until recently I had 3 plus one who was kinda pissed off (13 years) but he came bck into our lives and it's brilliant....seriously.It's not like a day passed. We talk almost every day, and now...I don'tknowif it's me, but I lost the other 2. Grouchy (bro #3), {we have prissy, fatty (me), grouchy and fruity} a doctor, just moved to Vegas and he was like, "schlubba, their is a room for you." well,I guess the white zin was flowing because as soon as i could click "tell me more" he fucked me over. Prissy, the elder, my guiding light, my (ugg) only muse and mentor was the one to come over the other night when Jo had her hystrionic post menpausal breakown. He smashed my soul to smithereens. I aplogize for being needy.

The Hills update

Did I ever talk about my foray in Delray? (hah) I lived in a sober house with like 8 idiots. All homo-phobes, and basically they all dropped trou for a crack rock in their past and I will bet the farm on it. Well, Mrs.Livingston moved in (god, I loved her..."Mr. Eddie's father...I think this started my Asianation)...queeny (natch, he was Phillipeeno-intntial spelling mis hap) and he had the best music on this double computer. I used to blast "Float On" by Modest Mouse (see FB for link)and clean the whole house, and, I WAS Sober. I know i've been bleak lately. I want to make it. Like Mare in Minneapolis. I have to prevail. I need my mind to start working for me more than answering trivia.