Friday, December 30, 2011

EnD oF YeAr LiSts

Downton Abbey- It's not pronounced Down-town nimrod eurudite's. I watched the next season and I will not spoiler alert tell you anything...just that Edith is a tw...ryhmes with cot.

Walking Dead I honestly wish every charector would get eaten. Starting with that little jerkoff boy and followed by Gladys Kravitz with the camper. That nosey man with his nose hair and flaining nostrils irked me.

Justified Yeah, I thought I would never get into this show, but it hooked me. Shane, the scumbag partner from "The Shield" is in it as is Margot Martingdale,one of the greatest charector actressess next to Shield alum CCH Ponder.


I just discovered "Pulling" from the BBC which ran 2 seasons which means 12 shows and it is gone. They did the same thing with the origional Queer as Folk, and it sucks. But the BBC takes the backlash (really) from the fans and they make tV movies to tie up the ends.
(I also watched all of the "Inbetweeners" and saw the movie).

"Parks and Rec" I think Alainis had a song called "Perfect"

"Revenge" 2 words. Madeline Stowe

"2 Broke Girls" Everyone calls CBS the Grandma network. I have never seen/heard more blatant and raunchy second lines in my life. It's still a decent show.

I can not wait for "30 Rock"

Saturday, December 17, 2011

At Christmas Time

Have you noticed that no one believes in God? Since we are in 2011, it had to be around 1999 when all I met were all these people from the comedy front that were atheists.
I remember turning to co-worker Lisa one day and being aghast at the atheism projected from the comics. It seemed bitter.
I may be some idiot, and thats cool.
I have a zero religion that I pray towards. I just kinda believe.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Coincidence? I think not.

In AA they say "there are no coincidences". I disagree. I can not tell you how many I have had this week. Mostly involving words.

Por Ejemplo, por vavor: (By the way, this happened twice)

I was playing Boggle Bash, which if you know what Boggle is, it is randomly making words out of the letters given (I think it is 16). You are given 3 minutes.

Usually when I play, I am listening to the many podcasts that are stuffing my iTunes.

The first time the word I was typing and the word said by the person on the podcast, simultaniously, I just freaking smiled.

Oh, I forgot to say. The words, are not your basic verbs or smaller adjectives. May I now present you with the word I remembered, so I could write it down.

I was in a game, and as soon as I typed the word, MISLEAD, the frigging comedian or whomever said this word at the moment I found it and was typing it in. Now, besides the fact that MISLEAD is a 7 letter word (4 pts.)-it is such a random word.

The other coincidences involved a reataurant I worked @, long gone, and the first story I read in NY Magazine, mentioned this restaurant in the first paragraph,very random as well, as in they were siting a specific area of Manhattan, and they said, "...right around the corner from the old Cafe Rafaella".

There was one more but I can not remember it.

(BTW: The Boggle Board pictured above contains the names of 9 countries)

Downton Abbey

I can not say enough. I was laid up for a day w/the flu. I had this show on my list of things to watch. Oh man. 16 hours later. Watch This Show!!