Monday, February 12, 2007

Embrace the Day

I guess I was getting too used to reading New York Magazine. I have read this mag for about 22 years and just recently I started to realize that I was not in their target group. Subconsciously I did, because, I was going to make it, ya see.
Maybe, from being poor, it seemed that this was some Elitist Mag and I was not invited. Yet, scurriously; I have used this publication.
I used to work at this very cool apt/hotel and I dealt with the mail. We had this 'bitch-face' lady who had one of the rentals ($320 a month) versus 160 a day. Anyway, I caught on to her act. She used to get this Manila Envelope from NY Magazine bi-monthly, and it was then that I had became addicted to the 'Crosswords' of New York mag (which was on the back page). Upon nary a search, Miss Sourpuss Sophisticate was putting an add in the 'Personals' column. (kind of pricey) on the pages previous to the Maura Jacobson brilliantness of a puzzle.
This snot face, whom I'd see with different guys through the week was a desperate hag.
I also found out some other cool things. The guy 'married' to the old feeble woman was getting "Playgirl"... (This was in the times of the murder of this Swedish exchange student which was attributed to Andrew Crispo, the curator). The bar, "Rounds" was right across the street from my hotel.
Some nights I had to work a double and my boss; a creepy faction of the earth would let me 'sleep over.' He was this creepy looking dude. He was not pretty. He was a cross between Danny DeVito and Pauley from Rocky. Anyway, the 'apt' I got to take was 4F...He permanently lived in 4 D. Yuch-o-rama.
I knew I was being filmed as I whacked off to Robin Byrd.
It was a sick scene.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

How do you spell Fucked?

On December 22nd as I was in Macy's on 34th and I thought my phone was history, my phone rang. It was my landlord telling me that I was a month behind and with the new month in a couple of days that would make me 3 months behind.
Holy FUCK. I was in Macy's for the simple fact that they have "The Cellar" ( a gourmet shop) and this is where I was going to buy my Christmas Dinner instead of eating the obligatry chicken/turkey franks (99 cents). I baught some cool comforting food. Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese on baguette, 5 slices of pizza and a bunch of noshing things like butter brickle chocolate (which I'm never into) but I felt like a stoner in a mini mart...I just needed food. GRRRAWWWWW.
Thus begins my story to follow.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I can' matter what

Man. I have so much to say. So many b.s. politics going on. So much wrong in this world. No one can fix it. The one's who say they will are the last. It's all a bunch of bullI can see shit.
Anna Nicole---> I prayed for this woman (not nightly, but when I would see her in appearances) She was in desperate need of help. I can see as it has been said before that this chick was out of control. None of the people on her payroll decided to confront her. Son dies. Oh, well. WTF!!!
It's a bunch of greedy parasites who only see dollar signs.

The "Edie" movie sucked so bad. I have been writing this script in my head since 1983'ish when I read the book. Dylan was a 1 minute character. Are these people insane. This movie showed nothing, NOTHING, about the pain this woman felt about her Father and her brothers and the guilt she felt about taking stuff from her grandma. It's all so superficial without ANYTHING from the book about her being this leaf in an autumn breeze. Cambridge, the Chelsea. Yeah, props to Sienna Miller for looking like Edie. really. As much as I hate this twat , she looked good.
Note to Women Reading This: I used the word twat like the English...(picture me with one tooth...'Ya stupid twat!')
All is good right; lady readers? Readers of your "aunt flow" and stuff?
I'm always your man.