Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Casimir Pulaski Day

I have not listened to my iPod for at least 2 weeks.  And I rarely listen to music at home because I am always listening to podcasts.  I've had this Snow Patrol song in my head (non annoyingly), "Hands Open ".  I must be a happy, because, I was actually sort of singing to myself today when I was doing some errands.  "Hands Open " comes on the station in my head.  The line I started singing when the train came was, "...put Sufjan Stevens on..."  Train doors open.  I sit down.  Take out my New York Magazine that just arrived.  Cover page, advertisement, advertisement page, Letter from the editor, Story..."Sufjan Steven's Ballet Lessons".  Unbelievable.  How frigging random, first; my song in my head.  Second, a Sufjan Stevens article about him doing the music to a ballet in NYC.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

I am the 600$ man

I got a new bridge for my lower teeth, filling in all those gaps of teeth that had receded so bad that I pulled them out with pliers and WD40 because they frigging hurt so much. It sounds gross (I never used WD40), but sometimes the pain is too much. Last time this happened, I went to my dentist and I was out of there in about (I swear) 3 minutes. It took me longer to get in that chair contraption which looks like a boiled shrimp. I sat down, opened wide and he had this gripp-ey tool which needed no help. 30 seconds and no blood. What sucks is that these are all front teeth. So, unless I want to look like Cletus or a Jack-o-lantern I will suffer. For what? I have no idea. I am probably never gonna hook up for the rest of my life.
Curse you Damn Life.