Thursday, February 23, 2006

Do newspapers have a retirement age?

I freaking hate Liz Smith and Cindy Adams. There. I wrote that first sentence so many times, all the while trying to use a different word than hate, but none of them had the impact or resonated enough.
These two bitches should be a GreenPeace target. The amount of paper and squid ink these two morons waste with their blathering senile comments and kiss ass bold face names is deplorable.
Liz Smith, who "by the by" ( I FUCKING HATE when she writes that! It reads like she's a fucking nosy bitty in a bad Harlequin Romance.) came out of the closet at like, 96 years of age, makes so many mistakes in the name of Gossip. Doesn't this woman have IMDB? How she can GO TO PRINT with so many errors is beyond me. In spite of that, yesterday she was talking about the 'controversial ' movie, "Crash". If any of you have seen this movie you would see that it was a contrived piece of bullshit ripping off Magnolia so badly that I wrote about it here months ago, and weaving a story around all these coincidences it felt like a Disney flick with it's amount of unbelievableness.
Cindy Adams on the other hand comprises her columns by going to real interviews that celebs give other publications. If Meg Ryan says she likes Gouda Cheese in 'Lady's Home Journal' you can bet your ass it will be a whole column along with others who enjoy cheese in this bitches daily parrot cage filler.
I used to picture myself bumping into Rupert Murdoch's son (he was kind of a hottie) somewhere in NY and asking him why the fuck he employs these two bats.
I need to start an impeachment trial for these two.

Only in New York Kids!!


Bart said...

I completely agree about Crash, it is contrived, disingenuous and did remind me of Magnolia, and also Short Cuts. I get so sick of people hyperventilating about films like that. As I know you know, most everything's been done before and done better.

ass2006 said...

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Bart said...

Ass2006--do you have a Vicodin or Oxycontin blog, cuz no one's really into Xanax anymore dude...

mickeyitaliano said...

Thanks Bart for rerminding me of the 'Short Cuts' references in 'Crass'. I think on my origional post I mentioned that as well. 'Short Cuts' is also one of my top ten all time favorites.