Saturday, August 16, 2008

Joe Lieberman is an old shriveled dick

When he lost in Conn. as a republican, this sore loser/ loser turned indy. Yeah, I guess if he could have joined a party called 'Not Dem' he would have as well. I think the Conn. people just said 'fuck it' or else none of the ones who did not pick him the first time, did'nt bother to vote or he won with one of those Nadar situations (taking the votes away from Gore).
His voice can put anyone to sleep.

He thinks by pandering to McCain he is going to be a vice president candidate. Maybe thinks McCain, I could get those Jewish Obama voters? At least win Conn.
Are you kidding me? Lieberman addresses Obama voters as 'young folks'. Is this guy for real? Is he as out of it more then Reagan's second term/ year 3? This country is so fucked! Fucked!
Edwards talking shit about Bill Clinton's infidelities while he is screwing some aged ho, with that Brylcream hairdo that makes what women swoon? Whom? I have never met a woman who thought he was sexy? You know what type of woman thinks John Edwards is sexy? The six women who read Playgirl and thought the guys were straight.

Sorry it to me so long to get back on this thing, but look at one of my first posts, i was what some might consider an early blogger.

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