Saturday, January 10, 2009

Matthew McConaughey Commercial

Oh man, were you saturated with that stupid commercial during the holidays? The one for the cologne? Is this the most unbelievably ego maniacal ad in the world. It's like he has to take a crap so bad, that he is walking with his cheeks clenched, so slow. And then he plops on the couch like a model posing for a Rubens painting. Ughhh. I mean why does this commercial bother me so much. I'm not jealous, not by a long shot. I just abhor people who are so consumed with themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michael...everytime I see Matthew McConaughey all I can think of is that he doesn't use deodorant and must stink to high heaven. He supposedly can't go a day without breaking a sweat and he must just smell of disgusting body odor. Did I ruin the commercial even more for you? LOL