Thursday, September 10, 2009

Walking, Walking, Walking...

This was an old Ellen DeGenneres stand up routine. Before she became homogenized by going mainstream. It's funny because dyke's figure into this post later on. Oh, was I being derogatory towards dyke's? Lesbians is the correct term? So, these 2 carpet munchers were on the train.
Me and the Mrs. got into another fight. Oh, don't worry, I have not gotten married. But still I live in hell. I'm talking about Mrs. Miceli, as in Pliny the Elder. Hint...she pushed me out on consecutive times in 1963, 1981, 1986, 1991, and now. Oy. To be at the hands (and muttered expletives) of others.
Josie was getting ready this a.m. I decided I would take a ride with her since her office is near the library that opens @ 8a.m. No biggie right? I'm ready, she's ready...long story short I took the train.
Okay, non Staten Islanders...the train runs for the whole 22 miles of this mis-begotten, time warped place. You get on (no payment) and you ride to your destination. You only pay at the last stop which is the landing for the Staten Island Ferry (which is free as well). The stop before the ferry is about a 12 minute walk (7 if you walk like me). In the morning the ferry runs every 15 minutes to Lower Manhattan. It's kinda funny to see all the cheap skates who get off in Tompkinsville (stop before the Ferry) and walk to the free (for all) ferry. WTF!
They get off @ this stop and walk like those fervent power walkers you hope to never befriend. They are manic. Cheap Fucks.
Every time I witness this, there is always a lesbian or three. I mean, I haven't checked their cards or anything, but judging by the appalling couture (ha!), I'm betting the farm on this one.
My cheap lesbian encounters took place in Los Angeles when I worked @ un-named (probably named in other posts) nite-spot. We had either Michelle Shocked, Jill Sobule or Michelle Noga-I forget about you. They flooded the place. They all wanted reservations. To sit @ a table, you had to pay at least 10 clams for food. No biggie right?
Why are they all vegetarians? Is Monsanto now making a vegetarian carpet. (man, I kill myself).
These pit bulls would fight tooth and nail over that frigging 10 bucks, and usually they were like producers or some other gay mafia industry thing. Ugh. They were so cheap. I think they made their own stereo-type.
Your saying, Mick...your faggy?...Yes. And guess what. Some of my best friends are lesbians. My new bumper sticker BTW on sale at the gift shop down the hall. Joyce is my love supreme and she is far from cheap. Just like my friend Patrick Lee who is a good driver. But, c'mon. We could not be the human race without our faux pas and secret assumptions. Love to all

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