Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tina Louise and me

There is no way how things happen sometimes. In like 1990,I was a waiter at The Russian Tea Room. Good gig.
We (my maitre d did) get the list of celebs/important (or impotent) people that day. Normal..normal...normal, and then I see her at the podium. My love, my scrap book making woman. La Louise. Ona,the maitre d, had no where to sit her but in the middle of the Russian Tea Room and the tables we called Siberia. I did not have the pleasure of waiting on her. I braved myself, and when her campanion went tothe rest room, I moved in like an unwanted 2nd cousin. "You know" I stated while clearing the borsht remains, "God's little Acre" was a great film. Hook,Line and sinker. She was blotting her lipstick on a tissue I quickly buried in my pocket when discarded. I hovered so uncomfortably, I started reciting her Imdb bio a decade beforeit's inception.She invited me to her daughter's 21 party or some such thing (her graduation from NYU) I can not recall,but it was at the club, MK. I wore leather pants that night (it was June) I was dying. She wore this gorgeous leopard wrap dress (cheetah? Cougar), I had a drink, and I left while this little surfer punk was hitting her up.

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