Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jenna Maroney- Season 1 Factoids

Easily my favorite charactor on "30 RocK", Jenna Maroney has a scroll of accomplishments. This is how she has enough to pay for her Condo in Clearwater, Fl.
From Season One
* Played a female rapist on "Law & Order"
* Did an interview with Amtrak Magazine (the conductor was the interviewer)
* Had the #4 song on the Israeli charts with "Muffin Tops"
* Was engaged to David Blaine
* Was hot for and sent a letter to Scott Peterson in jail when he went blonde.
* Starred in "The Rural Juror" with Casey Affleck. Written by Kevin Grishom.
* Fired from her Shop Rite commercials.
* Told Life & Style Magazine her favorite book is the Koran.
* Performed in "Con-Air-the Musical"
* Drinks Choco-tini's
* Being shunned from the "Vagina Monolagues" Her Vagina is like a convieniance store: clean,
reliable and closed on Christmas"
* Won a Cable Ace Award for "Arli$$"
* Practices Kaballah

Be back soon with Season 2

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