Monday, August 09, 2010

It comes in Waves

I totally understand this phrase, especially after living beside water for my whole life and working on a ship. But, say you are sitting at the shoreline, and just letting the incoming surf tickle your toes. You can bet your next clamato juice on the fact that another wave is coming in. It's life, you know and I really like things that are constant. What I hate or can't stand is dis-order. And my life is so freaking full of every contrasting emotion (or emoticon for you neer do wells). I live with Love/Hate, Pride/Self Doubt, Lust/Derission, Wonderment/Disallusionment every half hour.
I am not as fucked up as you may think. I think. I read real books. I admire wordsmiths and I also realize that I will never, ever find love. It comes in tsunami's. Litlle trickle happen and then the big one hits.

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