Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My feelings w/ all these cheaters

Women have always played the most important part in my life. They have been leaders, consoler's, bread winners and smart. Lovers (at weird points), best friends (6 to date for 20 years or more) and abject.
Yet, being a non Nascar viewing, non Bon Jovi loving AMERICAN in this country in which I would gladly not fly a flag unless I had to, as a majorette in a marching band, no need to, right? The United States was supposed to be this bastion of Amendments and Inclusions and Statue's of Liberty. Yet we are not. Practically every European Country has voted a woman to highest ranking. We, revel and are bemused that a smart movie like "Bride's Maids" made so much money. There is a sick, dis-connect in this country. Too many dominant men were giving the impressions too their sons, as they were pushing them to the limits, that women were homemakers. Yet when these boys/men grew up,they realized who was the friend and who was the enemy.
I am a second generation from the guys depicted above. I sat around bong-a-thons with guys who had these feelings for their fathers "Breakfast Club" style. But now. Their realization is now.
If we had more women controlling Capital Hill,I believe, we would be on our way.

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henry said...

hah...your a riot