Monday, June 06, 2011

If my last name was Weiner...

First off, and not being insensitive to Jewish last names, I would promote not having some name from the old country which when translated here gets you mocked. Ralph Lauren changed his name from Ralph Lipshitz. Would you buy clothes from Ralph Lipshitz?
So, trusty and fiesty Anthony Weiner want's to go to Congress and become Mayor or Governor someday of the state of New York.
Dude, change your name.
About 12 years ago, I can see him fighting with his mother and father. They won over a tray of Linzer tarts.
So,in the light of yet another scandal from (3 posts down he was not in it ) these cocky, brazen, drunk Congressmen and Senators (and Presidents), can we please fill majority with women?
If my last name was Weiner, the last thing I WOULD EVER do, is send cock shots via Twitter.
The puns don't write themselves.
NY Post is having a field day with the euphemisms.
The thing that grosses me out the most...he shaves/waxes his chest.

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