Monday, November 21, 2011

In Defense of january jones

About 12 years ago i worked at a prestigious Talent Agency in Los Angeles. We were cleaning the shelves of anyone who did not belong to this agency. (I worked in the area of our clients and future client's demo tapes.) I was hired by a Temp Agency for this gig, and because of my eagerness and knowledge (Do you really want to 86 a copy of "The Bicycle Thief" ) just asking, they kept me on.
Anyway, January Jones was in our list way back then in 2000. I never watched her Demo reel and I am so less of a man for doing so.
I Love, "Mad Men". Possibly more than "The Soprano's".
I have watched bad actors in my life...from showcases to fricking Shakespeare adaptations.
She is a good actress, at least seminal. The Betty character, I believe is everything Matt Weiner has wanted. She is so cold and childlike. Has any one else have noticed that Sally is her doppelganger? Face, arm pulling back.
I have just re-watched every episode (some seasons 3 times),and I need to state that JJ has portrayed her character fine,

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