Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globe Predictions

I know these are a farce. I know these sycophant GG people just are masturbating to their guest list. I know, I use to tell Bennie, my step-dog, I know.

BestPicture-The Descendants




Actress Com./Mus-Kristin Wiig

Actor Com/Mus-Jean Dujardin

Animation- Tin Tin

Foriegn-A Seperation (Melencholia shouldhave been here)

Sup. Actor-Christopher Plummer-(freaking amazing)

Sup. Actress-Octavia Spencer

Director- Scorsese




TV Drama-Homeland

Actress Drama- It Better fucking be Madeline Stowe

Actor Man Drama-Cranston

TV Comedy-Modern Family

Comedy Actress- It fucking better be Amy Poehler

Actor-Alec Baldwin

MiniSeries ha...just go hom you other losers

Downton Abbey

Actress Mini-Winslet

Actor Mini-Hugh Bonneville

Sup Actress Mini-Mags Smith

Sup Actor Mini- I hope-Guy Pearce

I will have a cool recap

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