Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Creepy and Crackie...Passengers Today

Hopefully this will be a new segment. Being that I have to travel 2 hours to get to Citi Field (The Mets stadium). This is what I take...SI Rail to SI Ferry. Subway #6 line to #7 line which takes me to the field.

Going to work, I had the pleasure (really) of getting a seat on the 7 train ( a long ride). As did Oxy girl/crackie girl. She and her mate sat across from me, and her other friend a death metal looking 35 year old from Germany sat next to me. Mr. Annoying. He had hair down to his waist which he proceeded to tie into this convoluted pony tail hitting me in my face and neck.

This girl was so fucked up she could be the most promising video for the D.A.R.E. program. It was so sad, and I hope she gets help, man.

On the ferry ride home that evening, this was a group of Japanese touristy young 20 year olds. A group of 6, 4 girls. The girls were all gorgeous. Two of them were stunning and it was sort of hard not to keep stealing glances at her because she was so stunning. (Now I sound like the creepy one!)

I had to pee really really bad, and the deck I usually sit on had their bathrooms closed, so I went up to the tourist deck. Within the first minutes of leaving Manhattan, an announcement came over the loudspeaker: "NYPD please go to the rear Brooklyn side". This is rare. Hmmm. The nosy parker in me thought. In the next 30 seconds, this 6'7" behemoth with a red Scotch drinkers face, 35 ish is sort of right next to me, out of breath (reeking) and pretending to talk to someone on his phone. More Hmmm's from me as I sized up the perp for when I need to give clue's to the sketch artist later. (ha)

About 15 minutes go by (the ride is 28 minutes), and creepy is gone, but then I see the group of Japanese kids come in from taking their picture's of the Statue of Liberty, and trailing behind them, looking more inebriated is him. They proceed to sit down in one of the many empty rows of bench like seats. And this guy is actually lurking and hovering and staring like a fucking sex crazed pig @ the girls and then he sits right next to them.

Right after that, I swear, an undercover female cop sat a foot away from me, and we both were keeping an eye on this disgusting bastards next moves.

Listen, there is no where to run. We are floating in the Hudson. You could really tell the uncomfortableness of these kids, but they were very cool about it.

Man, there are so many predators out there.

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