Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Casimir Pulaski Day

I have not listened to my iPod for at least 2 weeks.  And I rarely listen to music at home because I am always listening to podcasts.  I've had this Snow Patrol song in my head (non annoyingly), "Hands Open ".  I must be a happy, because, I was actually sort of singing to myself today when I was doing some errands.  "Hands Open " comes on the station in my head.  The line I started singing when the train came was, "...put Sufjan Stevens on..."  Train doors open.  I sit down.  Take out my New York Magazine that just arrived.  Cover page, advertisement, advertisement page, Letter from the editor, Story..."Sufjan Steven's Ballet Lessons".  Unbelievable.  How frigging random, first; my song in my head.  Second, a Sufjan Stevens article about him doing the music to a ballet in NYC.

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