Friday, December 02, 2005

For the love of....

"Real World: Queens, NY"
A couple of little tidbits regarding the Halfway House I'm currently in. Every week on Friday we get $23.35 cold hard cash. Where this figure comes from and who it comes from, I haven't a clue, but it is issued to us non-workers of the house weekly until we start a job. The window which disperses this cash opens at 8am and if you ever wanted to see a group of neer do well addicts set every alarm clock in the house on Thursday Night, you should be present for this. Some of us are not allowed to work yet (me) because you need to have been residing at the house a month before you can seek gainful employment (I have been working anyway).
Now; some people, you have to understand, have neither the proverbial piss or the pot so this 23 dollar 'manna from heaven' is all they have. In NYC, this can not even buy you a weekly MetroCard (to seek employment) or help you buy some cigarettes and stop grubbing from the likes of me. (Ciggs. are about $6.50 a pack for Generics here in NYC).
This morning I came down @ about 8:06 am. We are supposed to be out of our rooms from 8am to 4pm on weekdays and at this time the breakfast room is usually packed with everyone drinking coffee and Bullshitting about the same Bullshit topic they had left off on the night before and I am forced to hear the cacophony of inane banter and loud ass Rap Bullshit and people sucking the raisin Bran out of their teeth etcetera. Wow! It must be Friday indeed. The State Funded recipients started filing back into the cafeteria in Dribs and Drabs with Booty purchased from their new found windfall. Two people came back with Mickey D's (no relation) Big Breakfasts (approx. 5 bucks each), and another beaut came back with 6 'Win for Life' Lotto Cards which are $2 each, I believe. That's 12 bucks, more than half his weekly income spent in 6 minutes on a far fetched pipe dream. It's fucking crazy.

Does anyone reading this happen to know Miss Lauper? I have the greatest song in mind for her to remake and I would like to pass it along to her. Thanks

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