Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Standing in the shower, thinking"

I'm still living on a tightrope as far as employment goes. The Hamptons gig requires me to take the train out there again this coming Saturday to meet with the owners; one of whom I heard was a Baldwin. Cripes, I hope is not Stephan, Billy or Danial. I'd even take a Baldwin sister besides those characters. Did ja know that the train ride from Penn Station to Amaganset is 3 plus hours? I could have flew to fricking Florida. Factor into that that I am coming from Staten Island, we are talking a 10 hour round trip. Yeah, I know. I could have been in Europe at my Hotel salivating over the mini bar. We'll see. This gig actually will provide me with enough euros to do that once the summer ends and me and Kelly Ripa are just like this.
I was going to discontinue the comments section for good. My Email is always available (go to my profile), but the fucking spammers are inundating my site. Actually it seems to be the same two over and over. Bart's site (go to Summer Reading below, left) is full of them in the comments section but his are more perverted. Damon and Hunter turned them off as well.

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