Saturday, May 29, 2010


This is how I go on Facebook. I login, I post a song, look at stuff and I am like a robber. I am out of there. I never want to see more than I can, and because I seem to extrapolate too much, I TRY and bolt.
Some guy from my old block that I grew upon found me. Accept.
A miasma of circumstances happened. #1: I have never said my real High School date (I put it at 1968)...
Too many people kept asking me about my marrital status...
For the first couple I said I was divorced,and then I broke down and decided, I hate frigging lying. So,I wrote my correct graduating year (1981)and said I was single. Fuck em!!!!
I have been getting hits, from graduates of my school, (ignore) but this one girl hit me up. Coleen, and she is like remember how you got me that job @ the Movie Theater (I was asst.mgr!!!!!!)...So,it turns out she married some guy I knew (a very cool guy) and she has battled Cancer and shit since then, and oh, she has a twin (whom I knew), and she's a dike. I felt like I was home...I toldthis old friend of mine about the asshole guys (They thought they were taggers...they called themselves T.S.O. the Serious Ones). They were assholes. I told her how this is a re-acurring instance in therapy and she could not believe it. These dicks tried to drown me when they saw me with the hottest girl in H.S. They embarrassed me so much,I wanted to die. (this is high school)
Anyway, Coleen just wanted to tellme that she thought I was ...
It made me feel good.

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