Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mom's sick

My mom is sick. Lady problems. But like,older lady stuff. Don't even ask me what this means. We went to the hospital. She had an MRI. I was so frigging scared,but she told me that night that she felt good, because I was there. Some littlebrooklyn hottie asked me for my phone number. Surreal! Today,Monday. Mom got the results back. Maybe it was a botched hysterectomy in the 70's. I thank you Lord for giving me a fewmore years/months with her,so I can repair everything. I am not a pinhead (speaking of Kerry). Thanks God, even though I abhoar the Catholic Church, I still believe. Love always,Mickey


Tesa said...

I'm so glad your Mom's going to be OK!

mickeyitaliano said...

Thanks Tessa,
I have missed you so much and your beautiful photography.. I wanna give you myFacebook name. I wanna see all your pictures.

Tesa said...

I've missed you, too! I think I've found you on Facebook. I'll send you a friend request on there. :)