Thursday, March 24, 2011

Okay. Let me set the scene.
For those who do not know Staten Island IS considered a fifth borough of NYC.
Most of us take the ferry. The ferry takes us to lower Manhattan/Wall Street. But others have to take 2 different lines uptown.
The ferry is a place for sleep, a nod off before work. The wakes of the East River on any day can make a teething babe subside.
As with every morning at 6 am., you need to choose.
I have sat next to the Sicilian Construction Workers so high on double espresso's that my 24 minutes (ferry time) was squashed.
The (and I am not making fun off them) LOUD Polish ladies going to do "RHooM SerVice" at every hotel, and they have a cacklefest in the 6 am time.
I needed to so say. I always sit near the loudmouths.
This Morning Was Classic.
I got my seat (@ 6:20 am....the terminal is packed). Usual seat. I need to digress for a sec. (From the Russian/Polish housekeepers who are "too chirpy" for 6 am). I got a good seat. The end of the row. I sit and wanna listen to the waves. We have not left the dock yet. And I see this guy catty- corner from my eye plugging in some outlet to one of the 25 outlets on the boat. A lot ofpeople actually look stupid as they are charging their phones on the ferry. The fact that you braught your charger and you are yelling into the phone...Ughhh.
So, here is the couplet,the cherry on top.
As I said I was situated for a 24 minute ride from Manh.
I sitting, trying to draw off negative feelings, and this guy...He plugged in this jack, and I swear to God...This guy pulled out a Selectra 820 from maybe 1989,plugged him self in,squatted on the floor and plugged itinand started typing.
Do you know what the return button sounds like?He kept on hitting it...Like, Devilishly.

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