Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tsunami is tsnow-me

If anyone goes back to the archives, one of my first major posts was writing about the Tsunami of, was it 2002? And here I feel I am ending on the same note. Another Tsunami. Man, I listen to BBC all night, I feel so sorry for these wonderful, resilient people. I have never been so riveted to an event so much...This is not "loo-key loo's on the highway",this is real. The fractured pain and sorrow that is hidden behind a face like marble in most elders. They have seen it all.
I have admired these beautiful people from Japan,when me and Laura Connair went to see the movie, "Come See The Paradise". It was about the Japanese American Internment Camps.
I think I'm done with blogging. I have so much more to expound on. I care not of the readership numbers, I just hope friends and strangers may enjoy my tome. Not asking you to reply
Figures. I finally got a job!

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