Sunday, June 24, 2012


So,this guy I knew in Los Angeles. A fantastic guy.  A smoothie, if you get my meaning.  Like, he can make the concrete feel like grass.
I found an old address book a few years ago and I plugged in all these names that I had forgotten or mis-spelled while trying to fins them on FB. Annnd, we got in touch.
You know what fucking pops my balloon?  People who steal idea's and go far.
When I was in Los Angeles there was a weekly paper and I tried to be a food critic.  I honestly could only afford to review places that I had enough money to eat at, but I wrote these concise reviews which I typed(!) <---this was 1999,mind you.
It turns out that B---- knew a person at the weekly and he was working on getting my reviews looked at.
Sluggishly, if at all.
Well, well, well...guess if you must, but our new found friend is a local reviewer for 3 outlets and he gets to go on all of these gorgeous junkets wherein he photographs every morsel.  Big teethy smile:  Good For Him!!
Always a bridesmaid.

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