Sunday, July 29, 2012

There is no U in victim

C'mon. Haven't I been through this shit enough? How many fucking times must I ride the high rode for one second only to be sent careening down the mountain.
If you don't know...I went on an interview for perhaps the greatest restaurant (money making-semi casual) in NYC. I saw the ad the night before another which was to take place an hour later.
I was the first applicant there. They numbered me, #1.
I interviewed and it went great.
They said callbacks were on Monday, in which I held my phone next to me the whole day.
On Wednesday, i recieved a 212 call and could not answer it for the fact that I happened to be at a subway where it rang. I transferred it immediately to voice mail so the caller did not have to endure 6 rings. Does anyone remember the early samsung phones wherein you could set your voice mail to two or one rings? That was great, and they did away with that.
I called 5 times after and left messages to no avail.
Now I am kind of pissed.

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