Thursday, July 13, 2006

Runway Dork week One

If you watched "Project Runway" last night, the first of the third season; you may have picked some favorite contestants or like me, you may just want to wait til the crowd gets thinned down to an even seven. Regardless, the evenings biggest doofus had to be Malan. He of the EuroTrashy wanna be (he's from Taiwan) with slicked back hair and clothes out of Vogue Hommes. It was not until three quarters into the show that I realized who he reminded of. The 'Jurgan' character played by Bruce LaBruce in "Hustler White." It is identical. I caught the last half hour first, and I was like, "Oh, he seems cool, she seems nice" and then they replayed the same episode afterwards and I was like, "Slow down Mickey, your first impressions suck." So, I will officially hold off for a favorite to win (I kind of still like the mother of five who put the chandelier pieces on the dress).

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