Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pick Your Face and Vaccum Your Carpet 24/7

When I lived in West Hollywood, I lived below this MethHead.See, even though I knew this chemical to be crank in the mid-80's in Atlantic City where I worked, it kind of nose dived as a drug(at leat in my circles) until I moved to WeHo (!) in the late nineties.

It was ramapant among every single person in Hollywood but still eluded me...<---My first thoughts, in the 80's was of snorting Drano/Fantastic/A&H Baking Soda. My circles were so small in Los Angeles that I could not believe it when I heard that all of a society was gak-ing.

I may have told you before that I was the later attendant of Chastity (now Chaz) Bono's apartment. I told you lesbians are cheap....this place was 570 when I rented it and a studio. She may have moved out because who knew that the guy living directly above me in the same architectually (sp) designed apartment was a Meth head. Prominent among gays in these days he would either be vacuuming his 200 sq foot apartment for 15 hours of the day or else he would be dropping what sounded to be a bowling ball (12 lb.) every 15 seconds. And people wonder why I drank?

I never thought a T.V. show about Meth would pique my interest. I need to state that "Breaking Bad" is among this fellow T.V. Heads favorite shows, ever. Top 5...Bar none. I rented seasons 1 & 2 from the library and I started watching 2 days ago, and I feel like (hah) I could use a little of the witches Comet to follow through watching every episode. It is wonderful. Now where is my Electralux?

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Same here in Pismo