Sunday, November 14, 2010


When I lived in Los Angeles, car city,I had this really amazing Ford Escort Station Wagon that I painted Hunter Green. It was great for lugging all the stuff from work, great for the dogs, just great. I was first on line at a red light on Robertson Blvd and Melrose when the light changed to green I gassed it and as I look to my left I see a Datsun or something coming at me at like 45 mph. I threw myself into the passenger seat as she barrelled into me. My Escort totalled, I needed a newish car. My friends' mechanic had this ugly blue Bonneville wherein the owners dropped it off to get fixed and never returned. I bought it, painted it a steel grey and never romanticised the memory of the Escort again.

This car (Bonny) was made for 5pm Early Birders in FL and AZ. It had every freaking contraption in the world. Sunroof, seat warmers, remember the seat position on both side suede bucket seats, A/C for Sneezley and Breezley, and a radio/cd/cassette player that was like as insane as the amount of speakers. I loved this damn car and now I hear the whole Pontiac brand is history. Oh, I forgot the whole main groovey thing ...guys would constantly ask me about my car (steel grey was just coming into fashion as a car color), I mean people who were driving freaking Beemers and Audi's. Weird, huh? Well,sleep well dear Pontiac company. (I'm sure the Trans Am Guido's are freaking out!!

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