Friday, November 05, 2010

Josie and her 4 Pussycats

On Monday my Mom celebrated her 40th year in the Supreme Court. She's behind bars...ha
They had a celebration for Jo and all her compadriats who had taken 'the buyout'. They started announccing all the retiree's names (28 in all). Everything was going col and smooth when they were at McGuilicuty and then there was friction at the booth. Well, the MC (who is a Judge) said, well I'm gonna have "Doris" say something, and then my Mom's judge went up and the ovations were overwhelming. Remember those audience meters on the Gong Show? Well, she broke em. Everyone in the place was snapping pictures of her and her Judge, Mr. M___. The 10 of us at the table lost it. I felt so proud of this woman,my MOM, who put 4 kids through high school and college and aside from a few misderminors (me) we are decent guys. We had 11 at the table. I can not get down from this high, because that is my mom. (that is Mom,overwhelmed with her Judge).

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