Thursday, December 23, 2010

Best TV of 2010

God knos I watch too much TV. But half of to 2/3rds of it I watch online through illegal means (China tv et al).

  • Mad Men : the best tv has to offer
  • Breaking Bad: Can not imagine this show lasting another season due to it's storyline
  • Nurse Jackie: she got busted. Edie (one of my fav. names) is in hot saline
  • Modern Family: So much to love
  • The Big C: Laura Linney:enough
  • Weeds: Best ending for the last to ending season
  • Boardwalk Empire: Michael Pitt, Michael Shannon...have I said too much?
  • United States of Tara: new identity/still has Toni Collette
  • ProjectRunway: Mondo and Andy were my first episode favs.

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