Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spiderman-The Musical

I don't know if this has translated across the States or the pond or the oceans but this deal is a collosal flop, and I smile. Let me fill you in. Second coming of Christ in his own sunglassed blindness is Bono and the ugly guy who got dumped by Naomi Campbell, the Edge produced this 65 Million dollar flop-tastic joke. Julie Taymor, director of many acclaimed plays and flops was to inflict her horrors onto millions of unsuspecting tourists. It was concieved for the stage over a year ago, with rehersals and all. It came to fruition about 3 weeks ago with previews (meaning, reviewers can not base their essay on these preformances). Lucky reviewers. Who lost 2 teeth by a flying cable,which audience member almost got shanked, it's a comedy of errors.
Backstory: they took this classic theater and rubbled it to make it more doable.
They have this grandiousity that is previously seen in Pol Pot and Hitler.
Monday night,one of the Spidermen plunged 200 feet to a near death.
Anyone wanting to see this show is the same rubbernecking idiot who wants to see a mangled body in thecar that caused a 45 minute backup on the 5.
As a side note. I saw U2 in 81' when they played Cornell and I was in love with them. This dissapated soon after when Mr. Frontman proclaimed himself the second coming. Kind of after "One" came out.

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