Monday, December 13, 2010

Scary Movie

I just talked to C----from Fla.
She happened into this Community Workshop for like a strength (personal/no physical) session. 15 clams. She happened to have entered the Twilight Zone 2010.
It was if the Mentalist from CBS joined forces with some retired Floridian. He picked her out cause he said anyone know anyone with a "B" that's dead? Serious...He picked her out and after he spoke about her aunt taking care of her he mentioned a dead female. She was oblivious,though... her 15bucks was well spent when she remembered he was talking about Kerry.
She perked. They were together that day. I asked her (Kerry) half-heartily to come to St. Martin with me, I did not want her to say yes, but I asked. It was my B-day and I was gonna surprise myself with the fact that I was gonna be me. P.S. Nothing happened I flew into the St.Thom airstrip (!) after I was greeted with rum punch,I called Jay.
This was..up till now the worst phone call in my life.
Me: Hey man,I am at the airport, I will be between the Rum Punch guy and the patois wagon.
Jaybird:Michael...I have some bad news

Have you ever scene a grown man bawl by himself in an airport/pseudo port? I have never lived this down my friends. I absolutely loved this woman and her sis and her nephew and yet, she died so savagely.
This dude told C---- that she had a great day(prior),that she (for what it is worth) died instantly. She made a bad turn (how the fuck did he know this) and she is Watching over a guy she really cared for named Michael, Mitchell?
I need to express one or two things. I have a zero religious denominations (?) embodying me. I still pray. I believe in God, but not the God that is zealotry or conforming.
I have known about 6 people in my life who have died, but my fondness goes to my Grandma and Kerry. For which I can say, every time I pray, I ask them to hear me.
I have not been so frigging touched in so long to hear that this gorgeous woman I was so foolishly having sex with because I was so ashamed of my self is watching. Cripes, what an eye full she has had.
I needed to write this because I have felt guilty for over 20 years.
I just need to tell this Pshyc dude, you really helped me. I think you took away the drink from me, and I swear I am crying like a newborn. Please my dear Kerry, hold my hand.

I love writing like this...I hope you likey. Much Love, Mick


Anonymous said...

I want to draw a picture of a split heart. You made me cry Mickeyitaliano. I absolutely love you

mickeyitaliano said...

This took me like an hour to compose. I thank you, and it was all heartfelt