Monday, January 31, 2011

"Archer" :Best Show I just discovered

I was reading a lot about this show "Archer" on FX but it never registered. I knew it was a cartoon. Then I heard H.Jon Benjamin was in it voicing the main character. You may remember him as Slacker son Ben to Dr.Katz in sqiggle-vision. Then I just read a cool article on by the "Archer" guys,and it was so cool.

Don't get me wrong, I like a few cartoons/adult fare. I like/d "The Simpson's" (obvious), and "Daria","King...Hill" and even"Beavis...". I just don't have the frosh humor of "Family Guy",geeky nerdom of "Futurama". I was ambivalent.

"Archer"is one of the best written shows on T.V. It has more double entandre's and jokes in a minute than "30 Rock", which is a tall order.

I like how the main character's look so much like themselves. With no disrespect to J. Benj, cause Archer is the biggest stud, Mommas boy,spoiled lonely brat.

Try and get the first season from Netflix because the 2nd season just started and you can catch up. (I also know a site where you can watch for free. Ssshhhh!)

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